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A Message to Our Customers About Covid-19


Dear Valued Customers and Partners,

We understand that there is concern during these unprecedented times around health issues leading to business continuity risk. In response, we want to provide you with information regarding our strategy to mitigate these risks and protect our ability to deliver products to you.

First and foremost, we want to assure you that Massman Automation Designs is taking this situation very seriously. We have been monitoring and planning accordingly since the initial outbreak in China.

Present Situation:

As of today, our manufacturing facility continues to operate at normal levels. There have been no reported cases of the Coronavirus within our organization to date and we are taking an aggressive approach with health management precautions in our facilities. While we expect there to be impacts to manufacturing in the coming days and weeks, today we are manufacturing machines at normal capacity.

We have not yet had any significant disruptions to our supply channel. We have not encountered any raw material supply issues. In the event our supply chain does get disrupted, we will contact customers who have current orders to provide updates. To date, outbound customer shipments have not been impacted.

Ongoing Precautions and Escalation plans:  We have increased awareness of personal hygiene and implemented increased cleaning processes in our facility and are requiring social distancing as a precaution. We have tested our tools and IT network and verified the ability for critical resources to work from home successfully, with many of our non-manufacturing staff now working from home with more to follow in the coming days.  

We are implementing a visitor screening process to prevent risk of exposure. However, at this point we are discouraging visitors to our facilities in order to minimize the health risks to all involved and ask for your understanding. For many years we have utilized video as an effective tool for machine factory acceptance (FAT) and encourage you to use this service whenever possible in the coming weeks.

Next level containment measures have been prepared and we are ready to implement these should it be deemed necessary.

Mike Ardito

General Manager, Massman Automation Designs

We can help! We are maintaining our parts, phone support and critical field support. Field service support will remain available to mission critical equipment, on a case by case basis. We are requesting all noncritical field support be scheduled after travel restriction are lifted.  

Please do not hesitate to contact us: 

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