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Materials Specialist

Title:                     Materials Specialist                                        

Department:      Operations

Reports To:         Vice President of Operations                       

Effective Date:  August 2019

Primary Objective:  Supports internal and external customers’ expectations by performing manual and clerical duties related to shipping, receiving, inspecting, storing, issuing and delivering a variety of materials, equipment and supplies in a timely and efficient manner.  This position typically works with minimal supervision.

Key Job Duties:

  1. Verifies (counts, weights or measures) and maintains records comparing incoming and outgoing shipments against bills of lading, invoices, orders and other records.
  2. Utilizes various manual and automated systems to track shipments and accomplish tasks.
  3. Delivers or calls for pick up of incoming items; when necessary, determines method of shipment or delivery, prepares packaging and applies shipping charges/postage.         
  4. Maintains an inventory of open stock items, coordinating inventory requirements and procurement details with vendors, tracking the shipping and delivery of items.
  5. May account for and report inventory surplus, product returns and any damages.
  6. Loads and unloads materials onto or from pallets, tray, racks, bins and shelves by hand.
  7. May operate a fork lift, pallet jacks, dollies or hand truck to move, reorganize or convey items. 
  8. Requisitions and maintains inventory of shipping materials and supplies.
  9. Assists in training new employees.         
  10. Assists in other areas and performs additional tasks as needed.                                                                  




High School Diploma or GED


Knowledge of Micro Soft Office and inventory software preferred
Strong calculative and analytical skills

Experience and/or Other Requirements:

1 – 3 years experience in comparable work environment preferred

Working Conditions/Physical Requirements:

Must be able to lift 50+ pounds and stand for long periods of time