Automated Bag Closer

Massman Automated Bag Closer – Glued Double Fold with Tin Tie

The 4100 Series Tin Tie Applicator/Double Fold Bag Closer is a completely automated bag finishing system. The 4100 Series trims the bag tops, double creases them for crisp consistent folds and applies tin ties with hot melt adhesive. It then double folds the bag tops, glues the folds with hot melt adhesive, and bends the tie tabs around the folds. Optional equipment is available to re-gusset the bag tops to align their corner edges, space the bags for consistency through the machine, and/or plow down and tape down the bag tops for tamper evidence.


  • PLC with operator interface
  • Easy electronic machine adjustments
  • Machine automatically adjusting for bag widths
  • Positive trim removal
  • Glued double folded bag tops
  • Sharp, crips double fold
  • Tie taps automatically bent around
  • Adjustable machine frame to set machine bed height
  • Automatic adjustment for face width and tie length-PLC controlled
  • Conveyor rigidly mounted to machine at desired elevation
  • Bag top neck gathering infeed
  • Right or Left hand fed models
  • Up to 75 bags per minute
  • Continuous motion for smooth flow
  • Trim waste storage container
  • Trim waste blower


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