Robotic Assembly System (RAS) & Robotic Vision Assembly Systems (RVAS)

The Massman Robotic Assembly System (RAS) and Robotic Vision Assembly Systems (RVAS) are fully automatic robot systems that assemble filter components at speeds of 60, 90, and 120 ppm. Components such as filter cartridges, springs, check valves, grommets, o-rings, sensors, drain valves and nut plates have all been assembled using end effectors of various styles including expanding mandrels, vacuum or pneumatic grippers, electro or permanent magnets. The systems can be used in factory automation environments, clean rooms, and even booted for wash-down applications.

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Available Models

  • RAS (without vision)
  • RVAS (with vision)


Robotic (Vision) Assembly System – RAS/RVAS


  • Standard designs, proven process built for your unique filter requirements
  • For water, air, oil, alcohol, medical applications, and fuel filtration
  • World Class Manufacturing built to your country’s build standards
  • Each part is stamped with a unique part number, and then painted, plated or anodized
  • 24-hour phone support
  • Dedicated spare parts department
  • After sale onsite service

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