• Cleaning task is improved more and more after the manufacture.
    • GP-WP10 prevents from tampering and contaminating, to keep food safety and sanitary.
  • Products can be altered to suit your specification quickly and correctly by the touch screen. Various products are available to be registered as pictures on the product register screen.
  • GP-WP10 collaborates with the latest print inspection device which provides the reliability of date printing.
    • A fault print bag is discharged outside as an empty bag(option).
  • In addition to safety, this machine offers high productivity
    • Maximum performance is exercised by the simple synchronized funnel (option), so the max capacity is 65 pouches/ per minute.
  • Accommodates 260mm(10 inches) pouch width; therefore, a wide range of packaging is available.


ApplicationsFrozen foods, powders, detergent, etc
Operating speed15 – 65bags/min
(Depend on filling products)
Bag dimensions
Width:100 – 260mm
Length:140 – 380mm
Filling capacityUp to 1,000g
(2,000g by option)
Machine dimensions


Massman Authorized Distributor

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