GP-M3000 Automated Bag Filling and Sealing Machine

High-Performance Automated Bag Filling & Sealing Packaging Machine GP-M3000

The GP-M3000 easily manages stand up pouches, pouches with side gussets, flat-bottom or 3-side seal configurations. This machine effortlessly seals pouches with reclosable features, such as Press-to-Close Zipper, eSlider and velcro. Massman Automation is General Packer’s exclusive North America Authorized Distributor.

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  • (3) minute automated pouch size change servo controlled heat sealing
  • (10) station, CAM driven & heavy-duty stainless steel construction
  • Outstanding performance & reliability
  • Easy cleaning


  • Direct ink jet printing to increased 60% pouch area
  • Nitrogen Flush, 02 reduction levels > 0.5% (application dependant)


General Packer Co. Ltd.

General Packer Co., Ltd. specializes in the design, manufacture, and sale of high performance, automatic packaging machines. The original “set-up type” pouch filling-sealing and nitrogen gas flushing systems has made General Packer the industry leader with more than 2,000 packaging systems to customers worldwide. General Packer has experience filling stand-up pouches with dry goods including, milled and ancient grains, powders, candies, pet food, health foods, medicines, and medical supplies.


All New SPS Bag Feeding Unit

  • Allows for easier, quick loading of bags into the conveyor.
  • Precisely transfers bags from Conveyor to Bag Aligning Unit.
  • Dramatically reduces bag transfer failures.
  • “SPS” Bag Aligning Unit controls & adjusts bag width, height and orientation.


The Surface Deck Area is Completely Bolt-less

  • 43% Reduction of Surface Deck Area Protrusions, compared with existing model.
  • Significantly improved Hygienic design for cleaning


A True (3) Minute Product Change-Over Design

  • Decreased 10:1 change-over time when compared with the existing model requiring 30 minutes.
  • Designed to Automatically Adjust Bag Feeding, Bag Opening, Gripper Width, Vibration and Heat Sealing!
  • Mechatronic Design Technology significantly reduces operator adjustment time.


GY – The bag feed system is to automatically supply bags one by one from the bag feeder previously set with several hundreds of bags.

UR – Standard three-side-seal type bag, corresponding four-side-seal to back bag, or sealed four­ side bag with fastener

USR – Correspond sealed to standing three-side-seal pouch. bag, Also four-side-seal applicable to bag, or four-side-seal bag with fastener.

UST – Almighty highest-end model capable of handling standing pouches with fasteners.


Automated, Self-Adjusting Bag Tapping Mechanism

  • Three tapping factors: Bottom tapping time, frequency and strength are adjusted automatically.
  • Tapping Strength and Height can be optimally adjusted for each product.


Automated Sealing Time, Pressure and Temperature Control

  • Installed Mechatronic Heat Sealing Unit.
  • Application Registration System allows quick and easy bag changeover; adjustable sealing pressure, temperature and time settings.
  • Correspond to Traceability


In-Line Bag IJP Code-Printing Capabilities Surface Area has Doubled

  • Improved Surface Print Area has Doubled, compared with the existing model.
  • Designated Printer able to handle various types of Bag Design.


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