FlexPack HFFS Continuous Motion Series

Massman High Speed FlexPack HFFS Continuous Motion Series

The Massman High Speed FlexPack HFFS Continuous Motion series of pouch packaging machines are designed to accommodate a wide range of package sizes, for example the HFFS-CM1500 (pictured above) is a 15″ pitch machine with a pouch size range from 4.5″ width x 5.5″ height to 13″ width x 15.5″ height with a maximum gusset of 5″. This HFFS-CM series packager has a modular design to allow for maximum design flexibility on a per application basis.

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Massman FlexPack Continuous Motion HFFS Design Advantages:

  • High speed continuous motion design up to 200ppm
  • Custom sealed bearing pouch transport conveyer “eliminates chain stretch”
  • Servo motor drives and control on critical elements
  • Wide size range to satisfy a variety of products
  • Modular design for a special application requirements
  • Wash down construction as needed per application
  • Fast and repeatable change overs

Standard Features

  • Allen Bradley Control Logic
  • Allen Bradley Panel View HMI
  • Allen Bradley Servo motors and drives
  • Inline pouch forming system
  • Pouch support conveyor at fill area on through to discharge
    • Takes weight off the clamp assembly, includes mechanical product settlers
  • Pouch opening, Vacuum and Mechanical
  • Funnel assisted fill
    • Allows for maximized fill time
    • Quick change design
  • Overfill detection with pouch reject
  • Heat seal and chill stations as necessary
  • Pouch clamp pivot design insures tight pouch for a quality seal
  • Standard Massman lift-off guard design

Optional Features

  • Re-sealable zipper section, Includes zipper unwind assy
  • Wash down NEMA 4x design
  • Self-contained water chiller to assist in top seal cooling
  • Additional funnel sets to assist in change over and clean up
  • Mounting provisions for printer options
  • Hybrid right angle pre-made pouch magazine and servo-driven pre-made pouch assy.
  • Spare parts package available
  • Other voltage available upon request

General Specifications

Pouch Speeds: 100-200 PPM
Pouch Sizes:

  • 4.5” wide x 5.5” high min.
  • 13” x 15.5” high max
  • Gusset width up to 5”

Power Requirements: Input Voltage 480/3/60 HZ
* Other voltage available upon request

Available Models


WIDTHMin. 4.5″/100mm

Max. 8.0″/203mm

Min. 4.5″/100mm

Max. 10.0″/279mm

Min. 4.5″/100mm

Max. 13″/305mm

HEIGHTMin. 5.5″/150mm

Max. 15.5″/380mm

Min. 5.5″/150mm

Max. 15.5″/380mm

Min. 5.5″/205mm

Max. 15.5″/380mm

GUSSETMin. 0.0″/0mm

Max. 5.0″/125mm

Min. 0.0″/0mm

Max. 5.0″/125mm

Min. 0.0″/0mm

Max. 5.0″/125mm

SPEEDUp to 200 ppmUp to 150 ppmUp to 100 ppm


Continuous Motion FlexPack Information Sheet

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