Flexible Pouch Filling Machine

Massman Talon Flexible Pouch Filling Machine

The Flexible Pouch Filling Machine is capable of filling and sealing up to 90 pre-made pouches (4.5-8” W X 6-12” L) per minute on a 1, 2, or 3 pouch index. Standard features include: Allen Bradley PV 700 Touch Screen Operator Interface (multi-lingual) for Ease of Use, Allen Bradley Control Logix PLC, and an Allen Bradley Kinetic 6000 servo motor and drive for the pouch flight chain. Several optional items such as; nitrogen flush, product delivery systems, date coding, reject station, hanger hole punch, pouch fitment installation, and others are available to meet most pouch packaging requirements.

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Massman Talon offers a full line of bag and flexible pouch filling equipment as well as bag making equipment.

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