Automated Hose Coiler with Automatic Coil Tying

Model 3000 auto winder/coiler will automatically wind and tie consistent coils of hose or tubing. The two stage design allows for coil tying while another coil is being wound. Electric controls provide a high degree
of consistency in operation and performance.

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  • PLC with operator interface
  • Easy electronic machine adjustments
  • Simple mechanical machine adjustments
  • Automatic disc or card placement
  • Levelwind guiding for smooth winding
  • Automatically ties coil after winding
  • Automatically ejects coil after tying
  • PLC controlled with operator interface panel
  • Automated disc or card placement on coil face
  • Automated measuring and cut to length with high degree of accuracy
  • Controlled level wind and lay pattern for consistent coil winding
  • Electronic tension control for consistent coil winding.
  • Easy electronic machine adjustments for various coil


  • Electrical 240 VAC, 20 AMP 3 phase
  • Pneumatic 80 psi
  • Wired to National Electrical Code
  • Horizontal coil diameter adjustable within a specified range
  • Outside coil diameter adjustable within a specified range
  • Coil lay width adjustable within a specified range
  • Selectable menus for coil criteria
  • Three tie placements to secure the coil
  • Optional mounted fitting crimper
  • Optional mounted fitting bins
  • Rates up to 120/hour for 50ft coils (rates will vary depending on coil footage & size)


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