Bottom Load Case Packer

The Bottom Load Case Packer while maintaining a vertical orientation of the RSC case, loads products from the bottom. With gentle product handling your product is always fully supported.

Massman Automation provides the bottom load design with the addition of servo technology to offer a small footprint case packer, allowing for an easy transition from hand packaging to automated case packing.


Massman Automation Bottom Load Case Packers are designed with safety, durability, productivity and efficiency in mind as the top design criteria. In addition, bottom-load case packing provides for more gentle treatment of product and handles product not pickable by vacuums. The bottom load case packer is designed to your specifications. These heavy-duty machines are built to be dependable under multi-shift conditions. With Massman Automation’s in-house technical expertise in the design and programming of this equipment, you can be assured of years of efficient productivity and low-cost ownership.


  • Gentle handling of product
  • Flexible or complex products can be loaded
  • Case forming, loading and sealing all in a single machine
  • Compact footprint to retain valuable floor space
  • Tape or glue closure

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