MS 30T Sealer

The Elliott MS-30T Case Sealer is a compact machine for sealing a wide range of cases in a limited space. It is quickly adjustable for changing case sizes and operates at speeds up to 30 cases/minute. The taping machine is built with a single unitized machine frame, has a No Case No Kick rear flap tucker, and transfer system that insures a square case every time.


Features Specification Additional Options
Up to 30 Cases per Minute-Standard Electrical-460/230 3 Phase Casters, Leveling Feet
*Please note these rates can vary depending on the style and size of the case 20 AMP Taller then Long Cases
Standard Case Range NEMA 12 Standard Square Cases
Length 8″ to 23″ Outside Standard Range Cases
Width 6 1/2″ to 16″ Stainless Steel Components
Depth 4/2″ to 16″ NEMA 4 Controls
High Speed Case Sealer Hot Glue Closure
Superior Case Squaring Transfer System Top and Bottom Sealing
Small Footprint Top Tape Sealer
Fully Guarded Interlock Door Access
Category 3 Safety
Drop Gate or Powered Belt Case Metering at Infeed
Single Side Adjustment Points for Fast Changeover
No Case, No Kick, Flap Tucker

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