Elliott ME 15-T Tape Case Erector

The Massman – Elliott ME 15-T  tape case erector is a small footprint erector operating at speeds up to 15 Cases/Minute. Superior case squaring, fully guarded interlock access doors, robust construction, CAT 3 safety and service behind the sale are just a few benefits of this machine.

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FeaturesSpecificationAdditional Options
Up to 15 Cases per MinuteElectrical-460/230 3 PhaseHot Melt Closure (ME-10-G)
* Please note these rates can vary depending on the style
and size.
NEMA 12 StandardOut of Standard Range Case Sizes
Case RangeTape 10 AMP/Hot Melt 30 AMPFull Overlap Cases
Length 6” to 18”Weight 1600 Lbs.Square and Taller than Long Cases
Width 6” to 16”Powder Coated FrameStainless Steel Components
Depth 6” to 16”NEMA 4 Electrics
Small FootprintExtended Blank Magazine
HD Construction and Basic DesignRight or Left Hand Machine
Superior Case Squaring
Fully Guarded Interlock Access Doors
Category 3 Safety
Hot Melt Version Available

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