ME 15-T Erector

The Massman – Elliott ME 15-T  tape case erector is a small footprint erector operating at speeds up to 15 Cases/Minute. Superior case squaring, fully guarded interlock access doors, robust construction, CAT 3 safety and service behind the sale are just a few benefits of this machine.


Features Specification Additional Options
Up to 15 Cases per Minute Electrical-460/230 3 Phase Hot Melt Closure (ME-10-G)
* Please note these rates can vary depending on the style
and size.
NEMA 12 Standard Out of Standard Range Case Sizes
Case Range Tape 10 AMP/Hot Melt 30 AMP Full Overlap Cases
Length 6” to 18” Weight 1600 Lbs. Square and Taller than Long Cases
Width 6” to 16” Powder Coated Frame Stainless Steel Components
Depth 6” to 16” NEMA 4 Electrics
Small Footprint Extended Blank Magazine
HD Construction and Basic Design Right or Left Hand Machine
Superior Case Squaring
Fully Guarded Interlock Access Doors
Category 3 Safety
Hot Melt Version Available

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