EV 350 (ME 25-G) Case Erector

The unique design of the EV 350 enables it to handle cases up to 35 cpm with continuous control of the case.  Size changeover requires less than five (5) minutes with automatic changeover available.  A large case size range and small footprint with an open design for ease of access and scheduled preventive maintenance.  The magazine is ergonomically friendly for your operators and handles a wide range of corrugated quality; it is easily convertible to automatic loading of your KD cases.  The use of new materials available makes the frame of the EV 350 light, durable and very portable.

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  • Integrated PLC, Servo, and Motion Controller
  • Touch Screen HMI for Operator Control
  • Variable Speed up to 30 cpm
  • No Tool Changeover (under 15 minutes)
  • Ergonomic Magazine
  • Hot Melt or Tape
  • Open Frame Design
  • Minimal Maintenance » No Lube Design
  • Light Weight Durable Frame
  • Full Perimeter Interlocked Barrier Guards
  • Category 3 Electrical Safety System
  • Heavy Duty Construction » 24/7 Operation
  • 3 Inch Square Steel Tubular Frame, Fully Enclosed with
    Lexan Door Access


  • Automatic Changeover
  • Extended Case Magazine
  • U.L. Labeled Electrical Panel
  • Step Down Transformer for Hot Melt (230V)
  • Higher Speeds Available


Expandable to include:

  • Automatic Case Loading
    • Gantry Pick & Place
    • Robotic Pick & Place
    • Drop Packing
  • Case Sealing
    • Tape or Glue


Operating Speeds:Up to 35 Cases Per Minute
Case Size Range:Length:  6″ to 20″
Width:    6″ to 20″
Depth:    6″ to 16″
Machine Dimensions:Length:  142″ (11′ 2″)
Width:  80″
Discharge Height:  21″
Electrical:460 or 230 Volts Standard (other voltages available)
3 Phase, 60 Hz
NEMA Type 12 Enclosures



EV 350 Case Size Range
LENGTH6″ (15.24cm)20″ (50.8cm)
WIDTH6″ (15.24cm)20″ (50.8cm)
DEPTH6″ (15.24cm)16″ (40.64cm)

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