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Massman Automation serves a wide variety of industries, supplying them with state-of-the-art automated “end-of-line” packaging equipment.

Massman Automation has been supplying packaging equipment to the food & beverage, water, dairy, poultry, consumer goods, building trades, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries for over 40 years. With that experience, Massman Automation knows the industry standards, GMP, hygienic design, and current safety standards.

We provide a user-friendly human-machine interface (HMI) to operate the machine, constructed with a heavy-duty easily accessible frame that will ensure reliable, high-efficient, low cost of ownership performance for years and years.

Consumer Products

Massman Automation provides “end-of-line” equipment, such as case packers, flex-picker robotic solutions, and palletizers for the consumer products industry.

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Massman Automation is a leader in providing “end-of-line” packaging equipment to the dairy industry with small footprint, robust design equipment that will provide years of low-cost trouble-free service.

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Filtration Manufacturing

Massman Engineering has a wide offering of filter assembly equipment from semi-automatic to fully automatic models. Utilizing metal clip, hot melt adhesives, or ultrasonic welding as the method of connecting the filter media or equipment to completely assemble the entire filter cartridge, including the center tube, end caps, and housing.

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Food & Beverage

Massman Automation provides “end of line” equipment, such as case packers, flex-picker robotic solutions, and palletizers for the food & beverage industry.

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Pharmaceuticals / Nutraceuticals

Massman Automation offers all-stainless steel small footprint case packer suited for the Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical industry.

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Custom Industries

Massman Automation has over 30 years of custom automated packaging experience and has established a reputation for taking on difficult and challenging projects that other packaging equipment companies either won’t attempt due to the level of sophistication or deem the project to risky.

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