Employment Opportunities and Careers with The Massman Companies

Massman Automation manufactures and designs packaging machinery that exceeds our customers’ expectations. Our dedicated employees make this mission possible. We are looking for people with a “whatever it takes” attitude to continue Massman’s 40-year legacy.


When you take an automation job or other position at Massman, you’ll help us provide quality packaging solutions for our customers. Massman employment comes with these benefits:

  • Competitive wages: All our job openings have generous pay.
  • Excellent benefits packages: Our benefits include medical, dental, vision, and life insurance. We also offer a health savings account (HSA), flexible spending account (FSA), dependent care flexible spending account (DCA), and short- and long-term disability.
  • Friendly and professional atmosphere: Massman has a friendly atmosphere that supports professional and personal growth.
  • Matching 401(k): Save for your retirement in a 401(k), and we’ll match your contribution.
  • Profit-sharing plan: Get a share of Massman’s profits based on our earnings.
  • Free financial counseling: Use these counseling services to boost your financial growth.


Current Job Openings

If you’re interested in Massman employment, we have several job openings, including:

  • CNC Machinist II: Operate machine tools and perform progressive machining operations for metal parts, machines, and tools.
  • Electrical Assembly I: Perform product assembly and electrical wiring during the machine build process.
  • Field Service Technician: Install and service our customers’ equipment to meet quality, productivity, and safety standards.
  • HR Generalist: Support the HR team by conducting new-hire onboarding, submitting biweekly payroll data, acting as an HR contact for employee questions, and more.
  • Marketing Manager: Implement our branding guide through various marketing materials, and monitor and grow Massman’s online presence.
  • Mechanical Assembler: Assemble electronic subassemblies, products, components, and systems to exceed safety, productivity, and quality standards. This position is on second shift.
  • Mechanical Assembly I: Assemble electromechanical subassemblies, systems, components, and products to exceed productivity, quality, and safety standards.
  • Mechanical Assembly II: Build machines from start to finish to support production operations. Perform moderately difficult tasks while exceeding quality, productivity, and safety standards.
  • Mechanical Design Engineer: Perform mechanical design and parts detailing tasks to support customer expectations and meet or reduce budgeted costs and time before the project deadline.
  • Pneumatic Assembly: Perform pneumatic-related tasks, such as assembling and installing pneumatic subassemblies, systems, components, and compressed airlines for automated equipment.
  • Saw Operator: Operate saws for crosscutting, mitering, ripsawing, grooving, and beveling. Lay and align the material and choose the correct saw blade.
  • Saw Operator II: Operate saws for ripsawing, grooving, beveling, crosscutting, and mitering tasks. This position is on second shift.
  • Senior Electrical Controls Engineer: Perform general controls PLC programming and engineering functions to meet or reduce budgeted time and costs.
  • Senior Machine Design Engineer: Develop designs and 3D models of large assemblies and parts, and generate technical documentation for production.
  • Service Technician: Install and service our customers’ machines to exceed safety, productivity, and quality standards.
  • Welder: Perform welding tasks to help form and cut equipment, following engineering drawings and welding specifications.

Interested in Working With Massman?

Massman Automation has several job openings we want to fill with dedicated people like you. Join the Massman mission by applying online today! Contact us online or call 320.554.3611 for more information about automated packaging job openings at Massman.