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Electrical Controls
Electrical Controls


Electrical Controls



  • Title: Electrical Controls
  • Department: Electrical
  • Reports To: Electrical Assembly Coordinator
  • Effective Date: January 2018

Key Job Duties:                                                                                                                                           

  1. Able to perform all job duties of  without supervision.

  2. Inspects, installs, tests, troubleshoots, repairs, configures, calibrates and services electrical equipment and control measurements.

  3. Installs and terminates electrical, pneumatic and fluid connections and inspects and tests the operation of instruments and systems to diagnose faults and confirm functionality.

  4. Services and repairs wiring systems, control equipment such as switches, relays, circuit breakers, motor control centers and computerized process control systems.

  5. Configures, programs and troubleshoots Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), Programmable Automation Controllers (PAC), computer-based control systems and other communications, networking and signal transmission systems.

  6. Performs wiring tasks on Panel builds

  7. Reads and interprets electrical and pneumatic schematics, electrical circuit drawings, system documentation and manuals.

  8. Understands and applies proper wiring methods.

  9. Troubleshoots and de-bugs complex electrical and pneumatic systems.

  10. Uses hand tools, power tools, testing and diagnostic tools including voltmeters and ammeters.

  11. Determines when rework is needed.

  12. Documents and implements work order procedures.

  13. Recognizes when parts may be out of spec and inspects them to determine the problem.

  14. Provides in-house and on-site customer technical support and service.

  15. Improve process control by implementing and refining PLC-based equipment.

  16. Assist in electrical equipment upgrades, calibrations and improvements; remove defective instrumentation as needed.

  17. Able to use tools and equipment to fabricate brackets and fixtures for controls related projects.

  18. Understands various controls communications protocols and is able to identify the proper communication driver and cabling for establishing an “online” “device to device” or “device to programming terminal” connection.

  19. Understands robotics programming, hardware and able to integrate manipulators and controllers with production equipment.

  20. Understands controls related sensors and other miscellaneous hardware and is able to specify and procure components for projects.

  21. Completes documentation for work orders, maintenance records, parts requisitions, service reports, etc.

  22. Assists with training co-workers.

  23. Assists in other areas and performs additional tasks as needed.

Key Competencies

Communications and Interpersonal Skills:  Effectively expresses ideas and thoughts verbally an in written form.  Genuinely listens, comprehends and provides timely responses to questions/concerns.  Keeps others adequately informed.  Emulates and communicates Massman’s values of Honesty, Integrity and Pride.

Dependability:  Meets attendance and punctuality guidelines.  Commits to doing the best job possible.  Takes responsibility for own actions.  Follows verbal and written instructions.  Responds to requests for service and assistance.  Keeps commitments.

Attitude/Cooperation:  Displays enthusiastic outlook, pleasant manner and has positive effect on the morale of others.  Establishes and maintains effective relationships.  Exhibits tact, consideration and cooperation.  Offers assistance and support to co-workers.  Works to resolve conflicts.

Job Knowledge:  Competent in required job skills/knowledge.  Displays understanding of how job relates to others.  Exhibits ability to learn, solve problems and apply new skills.  Requires minimal supervision.  Seeks help when needed.  Keeps abreast of current developments.  Uses resources effectively.

Quality:  Exhibits high standards of workmanship/performance.  Final output is neat and professional in appearance.  Errors/rework are rare.  Applies feedback to improve performance.  Demonstrates accuracy and thoroughness.  Looks for ways to improve/promote quality and reduce costs.

Quantity:  Achieves established goals and/or other job expectations in a timely manner.  Takes initiative to get things done.  Exhibits good time management skills and strives to increase productivity.  Keeps non-billable time to a minimum.

Safety and Security:  Observes safety and security procedures.  Reports potentially unsafe conditions.  Uses equipment and materials properly.  Determines appropriate action beyond guidelines.



  • Required:    High School Diploma or GED

  • Preferred:    Associates Degree in Electronics Technology


  • Should possess good technical writing skills

  • Should possess excellent computer skills, including PC operating systems, MS office and PLC and HMI programming skills

  • Working knowledge of solid state circuitry and programmable controllers

  • Have complete knowledge of all current and voltage characteristics

  • Must have a working knowledge of AC/DC control systems and analog/digital devices

Experience and/or Other Requirements:   

  • 1 – 5 years experience in a related position in a machine automation field; experience in writing solid PLC, HMI code, Ladder logic

 Working Conditions/Physical Requirements:

  • Must be able to stand for long periods of time

  • Must be able to lift 50+ pounds