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Design Engineer 2
Design Engineer 2

Design Engineer 2

Title: Design Engineer 2                                             

Department: Engineering

Reports to: Engineering Manager                                          

Effective Date:   January 2018

Primary Objective:  Supports customer’s expectations and project deadlines by performing parts detailing and mechanical design while meeting or reducing budgeted time and costs.  This position typically works with little or no assistance and supervision.

Key Job Duties: 

  1. Perform all job duties of Design Engineer 1 without supervision.
  2. Details and designs parts to make fabrication as efficient as possible.
  3. Designs complete mechanisms with complete views; copy, paste and resize proven/existing mechanisms.
  4. Completes partial designs; completes mechanical purchase parts lists.
  5. Plans and organizes all aspects of machines with less than 50% new design.
  6. Determines sizes of purchased components.
  7. Conducts research and design activities as required.
  8. Maintains vendor relationships for technical support and awareness of new technologies.
  9. Participates in design kickoff and design review meetings.
  10. Travels to customer sites and trade shows
  11. Assists in other areas and performs additional tasks as needed.                                                                                                            

Key Competencies

Attitude/Cooperation:  Displays enthusiastic outlook, pleasant manner and has positive effect on the morale of others.  Establishes and maintains effective relationships.  Exhibits tact, consideration and cooperation.  Offers assistance and support to co-workers.  Works to resolve conflicts.

Design and Documentation:  Applies effective design and/or documentation principles.  Demonstrates attention to detail.  Generates creative solutions.  Translates concepts and information into accurate documentation and images.  Uses feedback to modify and improve work. 

Planning and Organization:  Displays good organizational skills. Effectively prioritizes and plans work activities.  Sets goals and objectives.   Integrates changes smoothly.  Plans for additional resources.  Uses time efficiently.

Initiative/Achievement:  Seeks increased responsibilities.  Recognizes and acts on opportunities.  Takes independent action to achieve goals.  Demonstrates persistence and overcomes obstacles.  Measures self against standard of excellence.  Seeks self-development activities.  Volunteers readily.

Quality:  Exhibits high standards of workmanship/performance.  Final output is neat and professional in appearance.  Errors/rework are rare.  Applies feedback to improve performance.  Demonstrates accuracy and thoroughness.  Looks for ways to improve/promote quality and reduce costs.

Quantity:  Achieves established goals and/or other job expectations in a timely manner.  Takes initiative to get things done.  Exhibits good time management skills and strives to increase productivity.   Keeps non-billable time to a minimum.



  • High School Diploma or GED required

  • 2 year technical education in related field preferred


  • Excellent computer and CAD skills

  • Excellent print reading skills

  • Excellent understanding of mechanical linkages and components (i.e.,

  • Bearings, sprockets, pulleys, air cylinders

  • Knowledge of the metric system, fabrication process, raw materials, plating, electrical and mechanical assembly preferred         

  • Knowledge of lean manufacturing or continued improvement processes preferred                

Experience and/or Other Requirements:  

  • 2 years packaging-related experience can substitute for technical education

  • Must be detailed oriented

Working Conditions/Physical Requirements:

  • Must be able to move or lift up to 25 pounds