Cans and Bottles

Massman Automation has the most effective case packing solution for handling cans or bottled products.

Massman Automation can implement a variety of different can or bottle handling infeed designs depending upon the infeed speed and size of the can or bottle. Cans or bottles can be cross-pushed in low speed applications. Product can be flood fed, servo lane divided, and servo grouped for high speed applications. Customer-specified pack patterns can be loaded into a wraparound, RSC knock down, harness style case or tray.

Timing Gate

The Massman PSA Timing Gate offers an affordable, labor saving solution for product accumulation and machine loading challenges.

The Timing Gate System is available in three different versions: an air cylinder drive for speeds of up to 100 ppm, a clutch/brake system for speeds of up to 150 ppm, and a servo driven system for speeds of up to 150 ppm, depending on the product, all with single count and multiple count capabilities. Standard features include a tubular frame, product speed-up and launching conveyor, easy access design, leveling feet, and easy size adjustment, as well as the servo drive system where required.

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Robotic Palletizing

The robotic palletizer is capable of picking multiple cases with vacuum or mechanical end-of-arm tooling (EOAT) and building the desired pallet pattern.

Massman Automation integrates ABB, Fanuc, or Motoman robots into the robotic palletizing cell. These systems handle multiple packaging lines with multiple SKUs featuring ALBA pallet dispensers and pallet conveyors which are compatible with many custom-designed case and pallet handling systems.

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High Entry Palletizer

The Massman Automation high entry palletizer is ideally suited for palletizing 40-pound cheese blocks for the dairy industry.

The high entry palletizer accepts a case, rotates the case if necessary for label viewing, and creates rows of cases to achieve the desired tier pattern (to provide a cooling chimney where necessary), places a layer sheet as required, then lowers the pallet for the next tier, and repeats this process until the pallet is completed and discharges via a powered pallet conveyor.

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Gantry Palletizer

The Massman gantry palletizer is capable of picking multiple cases with vacuum or mechanical end-of-arm tooling (EOAT) and building the desired pallet pattern including the placement of base and layer sheets.

Massman Automation integrates servos for the X, Y, Z axes that place the layer pattern in the selected orientation to build the desired pallet pattern. the gantry palletizer features ALBA pallet dispensers and pallet conveyors with many custom designed case and pallet handling options. This small footprint palletizer is ideal for placement directly downstream of a Massman Automation case packer.

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Bottom Load Case Packer

The Bottom Load Case Packer while maintaining a vertical orientation of the RSC case, loads products from the bottom. With gentle product handling your product is always fully supported.

Massman Automation provides the bottom load design with the addition of servo technology to offer a small footprint case packer, allowing for an easy transition from hand packaging to automated case packing.

Massman Automation Bottom Load Case Packers are designed with safety, durability, productivity and efficiency in mind as the top design criteria. In addition, bottom-load case packing provides for more gentle treatment of product and handles product not pickable by vacuums. The bottom load case packer is designed to your specifications. These heavy-duty machines are built to be dependable under multi-shift conditions. With Massman Automation’s in-house technical expertise in the design and programming of this equipment, you can be assured of years of efficient productivity and low-cost ownership.


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Top Load Case Packer

The top load case packer loads product through the top of an RSC, wraparound, or harness style case.

Massman Automation incorporates its proven vacuum gantry pick-and-place robotic technology in conjunction with lowerator or escapement product handling.

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Wrap Around Case Packer

The Wrap Around Case Packer places product from the side or top of the wraparound, harness style, or tray blank.

Massman Automation is the industry leader in wraparound case packing. The benefits of wraparound case packing are numerous, such as flat blank storage and shipment and greater case blank magazine capacity. Typically, corrugate use is lowered and the cost per blank is less due to the unglued manufacturer’s joint. Improved palletizing can be achieved because the loaded Wrap Around cases are more square than a typical RSC type case.

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Robotic Case Packer

Robotic technology allows integration of all types and sizes of robots into our case packers to provide unique and special product handling.

Massman Automation has integrated ABB, Fanuc, and Motoman robotics into its case packers to handle challenging products for a wide variety of industries. From bagged products for the confectionery industry, and flexible pouches for the food industry, to gable-top containers for the dairy industry.

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End/Side Load Case Packer

The Knock Down or KD case packer loads the product through the end or side of an RSC style case blank.

Massman Automation incorporates its proven technology of product handling using servo motors, Product is collated and push-loaded through the end or side of the erected RSC case blank.

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