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76-10 Fully Automatic Hot Melt Case Sealer
76-10 Fully Automatic Hot Melt Case Sealer

7610  Case ErectorThe Elliott Model 76-10 Fully Automatic Hot Melt Case Sealer is a compact machine for sealing a wide range of case sizes in limited space. It is quickly adjustable for case size changes. The Model 76-10 is built with a single unitized machine frame and has a transfer system that ensures a square case every time.

7610 Brochure (pdf 1.2 MB)

7610 Case Size Range
LENGTH 8" (20.32cm) 18" (45.72cm)
WIDTH 6" (15.24cm) 16" (40.64cm)
DEPTH 4" (10.16cm) 16" (40.64cm)


  • Top and Bottom or Top Only Case Sealing (Hot Melt Glue)
  • Automatic Case Feed Indexer
  • Quick Change Crank Adjustments
  • Engraved Legend Plates for Switches and Control Valves
  • No Case / No Tuck Automatic Rear Flap Tucker
  • Bolt-on Safety Guards
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Over 30 Years of Reliable Operation in All Types of Environments


  • Parameter Guard Package
  • PLC Controller
  • Store and Change Glue Patterns Using a PLC and HMI
  • U.L. Labeled Electrical Panel
  • Step Down Transformer for Hot Melt (230V)


Operating Speeds: Up to 1500 Cases Per Hour (25 Cases Per Minute)
Case Size Range: Length:  8" to 18"
Width:    6" to 16"
Depth:   4" to 16"
Machine Dimensions: Length:  134" (11' 2")
Width:  38"
In-feedHeight:  24"
Electrical: 460 or 230 Volts Standard (other voltages available)
3 Phase, 60 Hz
NEMA Type 12 Enclosures